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F-One Bandit 6 9m

Kite Surfers around the world have been waiting for the new Bandit 6 kite. It’s been one of the most popular kites on the market. Although this model didn’t have many changes in the recent years, but there were few individual twists and improvements which were being made this year so that it gives the best to all of its users. This year, the shape of the kite was given a more into “C” form. The canopy has been twisted a little bit more this time so that the wind range can be increased or decreased accordingly to the flutter, as and when the kite is being flown around the window. So to provide resistance at the time of beach launching, Kevlar wear patches has been given on the leading edge of the kite.

This Monolith Bar is a work of art, and is machined from the solid piece of aluminum. It is cut into the required shapes and then the bar ends are connected to the machined pieces. Alloy of 6061 charged with magnesium and silicium makes it stronger and a good resistant one. Now this is being used during the space program as it gives excellent stiffness, resilience and resistance to corrosion. The other step-up is simple and nice which is usually for the F-One bar systems. The chicken loop design has not changed. Over 50,000 loops prepared are on the waters for years. So when they see that its working well they just don’t go for any changes.

As this 9m Bandit 6 is easy to fly it is one of the most favorites among the users. As one starts using different kites it takes little time for one to get use with this one. Once anyone starts to fly around the world with the Bandit 6, they will feel like its old friend, flying with them. If anyone does mistakes in the speed controls of a flying Bandit 6 will helps the surfer immediately in adjusting itself and corrects the speed limit. The kite is so responsive that it will allow you to keep a smile on one’s face even in the waves. When one is on the waves with speed to maneuver it is a spectacular one to watch. One can make the kite loop radical in the way they want it. One should first crank the bar for a fast tight on or can engage it a little less and then can get a more pull and power from the loop. The users will love the short simple bridle of 4 line set-up which has been introduced on this one this year. One who is riding is always welcome and nothing gets into the way, rather anyone can distract him of the job currently in his hands.

Overall about the kite 9m Bandit 6, we can say no better that it is one of the best kites in the market. They are fantastic in the waves, jumping and for freestyling. Bandit 6 is a real do-it-all machine without making any compromise. In 2013, 9m Bandit 6 is a choice or rather a perfect selection for the wave riders.